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Environmental Protection

The history of technological advancement has proven the vast benefits of the progression of civilization to our living standards. However, we suffer from the environmental pollution incurred as a result; the booming amount of electronic waste has been drawing attention worldwide.

The 8-year depreciation projection for computers in Mainland China has plummeted to 2-3 years. In 2004, there were 2.1 million computers disposed, an increase from 1 million units (or 5%) compared to 2003.

Computer Liquidation

The computer was invented in America in 1946, and has revolutonized our lives ever since. However, with the ever-increasing demand for higher capacity and performance, the life-cycle of computers is greatly reduced, resulting in huge amounts of computer waste. We cannot delay in finding a good solution.

Mobile Phone

Cell phones have become a necessity to our daily lives. Every year there are over thousands of new phone models emerging in the market, which implies millions of old phones being disposed.

LED and Plasma TVs

The inventions of LCD and Plasma TVs have won the market by its light, slim designs and low energy consumption. As a consequence, the disposal of old CRT displays has been growing tremendously. The vast amounts of harmful substances (e.g. mercury) in CRT displays leave harmful repercussions for our future generations.

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Expertise & Specialized Knowledge

Data Degaussing & Destroy Service

Treeland provides data degaussing service. We are equipped with ADC MD15X & ADC MD1 Hard Disk Degausser Cruiser, with complies with the USA Department of Defence (DoD 5220.22M) FCC and CE electronic appliances safety standards, as well as NSA Security Standard. There is no harmful electromagnetic radiation and no interference to physical health.

ADC Degausser DEA-MD15X (MW15000) is 10,000 Oersteds and can completely erase the latest, large capacity, high coercivity hard drives and all cartridge tapes such as DLT, DAT, LTO, CMT, VHS and FD..

ADC Degausser DEA-MD1 is 10,000 Oe and can completely erase the latest, large capacity, high coercivity hard disk and all cartridge tapes such as DLT,DAT,LTO,CMT, VHS and FDD

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